Moore Removal

Chief Justice Roy Moore
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The appointed seven-member Supreme Court today ruled to permanently remove Chief Justice Moore from office. Christian Coalition of Alabama responds to the ruling to remove Chief Justice Moore.

Christian Coalition of Alabama President John Giles stated in this

"Today's ruling is nothing short of astounding, we have judges who have been before the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission who
have recklessly compromised judicial demeanor by embezzling public
funds, inappropriately touching opposite sex court employees and
circulating pornographic materials in the courthouse, yet they remain on the bench today. Chief Justice Moore is removed from office because he refused to remove the display of the Ten Commandments; is this how we define justice?

"The monument displayed by Chief Justice Moore is encircled with historical quotations on the same basic order as the current display in the Alabama Judicial Building and in the State Capitol, somehow these displays are legal and Chief Justice Moore's monument was unconstitutional. Obviously this whole movement has targeted a man, not a monument.

"This deepens our resolve to pass Ten Commandments legislation in the remaining four days of this legislative session to correct unconstitutional rulings by the courts."