Dothan Housing Rehabilitation Program

Some Dothan homeowners who need help making repairs to their homes will no longer be able to go to the city for assistance.

The Dothan Housing Authority is ending a 25-year-ld program that has helped hundreds of low-income families, the city's housing rehabilitation program.

They say federal lead-based paint rules in effect since 1999 are forcing them to halt the assistance program.

Forty-six families are on a waiting list to get help and the housing authority is planning to send out letters letting them know the program is ending.

When it comes to the program Mayor Chester Sowell says the city's hands are tied because they must meet the strict federal regulations in order to spend the federal money.

There may be hope for at least few of the families, a group called World Changers is coming to town for a week in June to help fix up some area homes. And part of the $200,000 that had been set aside for the city's rehab program will be used to buy materials.