News 4 Exclusive: Angry Parents Speak Out

A Dothan church leader charged with sexual abuse remains behind bars, but the thought of having Earl Holland walk freely is forcing several families in Dothan to live in fear.

News 4 spoke with members from two of those families, who want nothing more than to make sure the man they say hurt them, stays behind bars.

"Mama why couldn't you protect me? Mama why couldn't God protect me? Every day is a new day, and I feel so inadequate, but we just have to walk through it," said victim’s family member.

A mother of a seven-year-old girl says life is different now, after Earl Holland, violated her daughter and seven other young girls he watched over, as a lay preacher at the "Church of One Accord" in Dothan.

"He stuck his hands in her pants for his pleasure, while pretending to be our friend."

Holland who is charged with eight counts of first-degree sexual abuse confessed to his crimes.

When the parents of the girls he allegedly victimized watched the taped confession, they were shocked.

"The confession was almost like listening to someone talk about their car problems. He just stated as a matter-of-factly what he did, and he was just ready to have the charges dropped and go back home to his life."

"There was no remorse in his face during the confession or in the court. And there has to be a point where he realizes that what he did was wrong."

Ever since Holland's arrest, the girls who say he molested them have not been able to go on with their normal activities.

"She was afraid to open the shower curtain, she was afraid to open a door, she was afraid to be out of our sight; we had to have someone sleep with her to get her to sleep at night."

"Every night when she goes to bed, she asks if he is going to stay in jail. And she fears daily that he is going to get out and do something to her."

Which is why these parents want Holland's $2 million bond to stay the way it is.

Holland's attorney did ask a judge to reduce his bond last Friday, and Judge Larry Anderson said he would take it into consideration.

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