Year Ago Today

Level Plains Mayor Tim Jackson

It's been a year since the Level Plains mayor was voted out of office.

A year ago, disagreements between the Level Plains town council and then Mayor Tim Jackson resulted in Alabama Governor Bob Riley stepping in and appointing a new council.

With disagreements aside, Level Plains began paying its bills again.

Garbage service is contracted with Dale County for 13-dollars a month and they've kept the minimum water rate the same.

The city also bought a new fire truck and rolling fire garage doors with grant money. The police department is getting a face lift, and working on increasing its staff.

Mayor Tyrus Waters said, “We’re doing good together but we don't always agree but when we leave we're not enemies and we're here to do the business of this town.”

Mayor Waters recently returned from Huntsville from a conference where he learned more about city council affairs and new election rules.

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