Walton County Property Tax Hike

Walton County voters will be asked to reaffirm a property tax hike. The revenue generated from the half-mill is credited with helping supply needed services and materials to the schools.

For nearly 20 years, Cindy Wade has taught music at Paxton School, a kindergarten through 12th grade facility along the stateline.

Last year, the school spent $5000 dollars on new band uniforms, along with buying instruments. The monies used came from a half-mill levy that went into effect four years ago.

Wade says, "With this money, [the district] has spent more than $5000 dollars on new band uniforms. For a small school district like this it has been a tremendous help."

On Tuesday, May 15th, Walton County voters will be asked to reaffirm the half-mill levy. Last year, it generated $8 million dollars for the district. If passed, the district is able to cut taxpayer capital outlay expenses.

James McCall, financial officer of Walton County Schools, said, "The money is used for new text books for example. It is used for extra-curricular activities like art and music. Programs that we are truly proud of here in Walton County."

Next year, Craig Mitchum will be a senior at Paxton. He's been in band since the sixth-grade. "This year Miss Wade has made sure that all the instruments are working properly,” he said. “And, we actually have band uniforms that were made for that purpose. I don't know how long that has been."

At this time, there's been no organized opposition to reaffirm the half-mill levy.

Four years ago it passed by a more than a two-to-one margin.

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