New Dothan Businesses and Jobs

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The two new Dothan businesses promise to make customers a little more comfortable.

A simple ride from Mexico to Dothan doesn’t seem like an easy transition, but it has been for two businesses that have opened up shop in the circle city.

Supercomfort, which is located on Anderson Court, is a manufacturer of foam related products and distributes mattresses made in Mexico, while, Sitwell makes sofas for furniture company, IKEA.

Dothan-Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker says, "This has a lot of impact in our economy. Distribution creates a lot of indirect benefits. Local purchasing will use a lot of mattresses and supplies, pallets and use sheet and paper to distribute their product. There are a lot of employment opportunities."

Dothan-Area Chamber officials say the city's attraction is simple: location.

"A lot of that's driven by servicing the Florida Market still benefiting from diversity,” Parker said. “We attract retirees, the military base and other industrial distribution related economy."

Combined, both businesses will bring 50 new jobs.

The chamber also expects more international projects to come to the area. They’ll release that information at a later date.

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