Local Animal Shelter Deemed "Hazardous"

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Humane Society workers in Bullock County say their animal shelter is in "serious need" Most of the dogs there are being untreated for their diseases and workers say it's polluting the environment.

Some of the pups, officials say, won't survive without any help. They have mange and parvo and workers at the animal shelter say nothing is being done to treat it.

In fact, officials say the county won't even pay to put them down.

But those aren't the only ones sick. Some of the others have coccidian and mange and are also going untreated.

The dogs that have the mange and parvo are next door to the ones with coccidian, producing a dangerous environment. Officials say with the chain link fence between them, it's nearly impossible to keep them separated.

"They're interacting with other animals that have not been vaccinated from these viruses. These puppies are licking three adult (dogs) along the side, through the fence," says Chair of the Bullock County Humane Society, Brenda Blair.

However, that's not the worse part. There is a collection of waste from the dog pens on the site.

It's dumped in the shelter's parking lot, but when it rains, workers say the excrement, which contains the same diseases the dogs have, runs back into the pens and down to the little Conecuh Creek, polluting the water supply.

"I boil absolutely every drop of water that I cook with, and that I drink and give to my animals," says Blair.

An inspector from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management inspected the waste water related to the feces pile and sent a letter to the County Commission telling them to clean up the shelter immediately.

According to the local newspaper, the Union Springs Herald, the letter from the state said the county had 90 days to comply. That was on January 19th.

Officials at the shelter say nothing has been done.

No environmentalist report shows you must boil your water if you are in Bullock County.

The state has told county leaders to set up a proper drainage system so all the waste will run back to the treatment plant.

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