Operation Decongestant

The Houston County Sheriff's Department conducted a drug round up Wednesday that wrapped up a three-month investigation with the help of Dothan Police and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. It was called "Operation Decongestant".

The suspects in this case are all convenience store clerks. 18-warrants were issued for 15 people in the undercover sting operation.

Officers would go to a store and take two bottles of psuedo-phedrine to the counter.

Psuedo-phedrine is a nasal decongestant that's one of the main ingredients for making methamphetamine.

During the purchase, one of the officers would mention that they planned to make some meth and at that point, the clerk should have refused the sale because its against the law to sell the over counter drug if the clerk has reason to believe that the product will be used to make an illegal substance.

The suspects in this case face from two to 20 years in jail.