Oldsmobile Brand Discontinued

Thursday is the last day an Oldsmobile will roll off the line in Lansing Michigan.

In December of 2000, General Motors announced the decision to discontinue the Oldsmobile brand.

It is the oldest brand in automotive history, having been manufactured in Lansing, Michigan since 1897.

On the eve of the company's final day of operation, fans of the Oldsmobile were given one last opportunity to drive the most recent model.

The Alero is the only Oldsmobile still in production and Thursday will be the last day it rolls off the assembly line.

There are only going to be 500-collector edition Aleros made.

A total of 499 will be put up for sale, but the 500th will be part of the "thanks for the memories" exhibit that runs thru May 3 to the end of August 2004.