Terror Threat at Wicksburg High School

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Students at Wicksburg High School received quite a scare, Monday morning, when they learned of a terror threat that was made at their school.

"I hear that there was a note in the bathroom that said something was going to happen at two," said Victoria Walker, a student at Wicksburg High School.

School officials took that threat seriously.

"I was contacted at around 11 o'clock and we called the sheriff's department. Investigators came out here; a dozen or so of them," said Tim Pitchford, the superintendent of Houston County Schools.

The school was immediately put on lockdown.

“We just told teachers to keep teaching and we did not tell them what it was all about; they just knew to stay in the classrooms," said Steve Benton, the principal at Wicksburg High.

Student Shelby Cook said, "I was shocked and I couldn't believe it; I mean I could believe it, but you never think that something like that is going to happen at school. So yeah it was pretty terrifying."

The wording on the note did not detail any particular act of violence, just that something bad would happen. When news of the note reached parents, emotions began spilling out and many of them raced to the school to pick their children up.

Fortunately, nothing happened, and two hours after the note was found, classes resumed their regular schedule. But investigators are still working alongside school officials to try and determine who would think up such a threat, and why they would scare an entire school.

Sheriff's deputies did take writing samples from numerous students, to see if they can match any of the writing styles to the style used in the threatening note. Deputies also took fingerprints to see in they can find a match to any potential fingerprints that may be found on a note.

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