Couple Arrested in Killing Geneva Man

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A Geneva County man and his girlfriend are behind bars charged with murder. Authorities believe Timothy Wilkerson was killed in cold blood outside a Samson Church.

Blood stains remain evident at the intersection of Jordan and Aplin Streets where the killing took place, just a few yards from the First Assembly of God Church in Samson.

Authorities say 52-year-old Timothy Wilkerson was gunned down by his ex-wife's current boyfriend, Glen Lee. The ex-wife, Theresa Wilkerson, is also charged with murder since she was also armed and driving the vehicle that stopped by Mr. Wilkerson, moments before he was killed.

Linda Peavey was attending a church service when the congregation heard the single gunshot. "When I came out of the church, heard the loud shot, I could see a man falling out of the pick-up truck, and another man standing holding a gun. I went back into the church, I was scared."

In the quiet Samson neighborhood, the victim was well known and liked. It comes as a great shock.

Kathy Thompson, the victim’s friend says, "Oh he was a great guy; calm person, always looking to help someone."

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward describes domestic violence as an epidemic, and this is just another example of how terribly things can go wrong. "The victim came out of the truck and made the statement if you pulled that gun, you better use it and that's when he fired."

Both Lee and Theresa Wilkerson are behind bars at the Geneva County Jail on open counts of murder.

In Samson at this time, authorities are awaiting autopsy results on Mr. Wilkerson from the Department of Forensics in Montgomery.

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