Decapitation Murder Trial Begins in Panama City

An accused killer is scheduled to go on trial Tuesday in Panama City.

21 year old Blake Collier was arrested two years ago for violating his probation on a burglary charge.

But deputies were already investigating the disappearance of his wife.

18 year old Lena Hing had been reported missing by her parents.

Collier was charged with murder after her headless body was found in a marsh in Callaway.

Investigators say Collier confessed to strangling the woman and decapitating her.

Collier is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, but Judge Michael Overstreet has already ruled that Collier is competent to stand trial.

Collier has also waived his right to a trial by jury.

That means it will be up to Judge Overstreet to determine if Collier is guilty or innocent.

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