Food Bank Donations Needed

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Ever been so hungry you couldn't take it? Well for those fortunate enough, the issue can be fixed by grabbing a quick bite to eat.

But according to statistics, 35,000 families in the Wiregrass don't have that luxury, so they head to the Wiregrass area food bank.

At the distribution center, tons of foods line its shelves, but as one employee of the non-profit organization puts it, if you can see from a shelf on one side of the room to another shelf on the other side, there's a problem. And the problem the food bank seems to be facing is scarce food donations.

"It's a constant struggle. We just don't have a lot of mass producers here in Southeast Alabama. We have to depend on people throughout the nation to donate to the food bank network."

The food bank feeds thousands a year. And in an annual food bank meeting held Friday, those with the food bank showed attendees that's more than 2.6 million pounds of food. And with as many people the food bank feeds, officials say they need to restock their shelves and soon.

"If somebody's hungry they'll do whatever they can to get food. Whether it's shoplifting, taking food off of your back porch, or selling drugs on the street."

Any business can help by serving as a drop-off point. If you'd like more information on becoming a drop-off point for food donations, call 794-9775.