Tornado Aid

A Volunteer Needs Assessment Team will be canvassing the most heavily affected areas of the Enterprise community. The Christian Reformed Work Relief Committee will locate everyone who still has unmet needs, which is about 15 percent of the tornado victims.

Algertha Hicks signed in for a seminar to find out how she can get more funds, Thursday.

She was in her home, located at 108 Azelia Drive in Enterprise when the tornado blew through, breaking windows and shifting her house from its foundation. “It was frightening cause I’ve never been through a storm before.”

Algertha is going through another frightening storm now, trying to get money to buy new furniture and belongings.

She is looking forward to next week when the assessment team will come door-to-door looking over her damage.

“It's fine with me as long as I can get some help,” Algertha says. “They will be here for a week [and] have green shirts on [and] ID badges.”

Their job will be to help residents recover so they'll ask lots of personal questions.

Officials estimate quite a few homeowners like Algertha will need assistance.

“We think 15 percent will need long term care,” Gary Daniel with the Recovery Organization of Coffee County said.

Algertha hopes this door-to-door survey and the seminars will help her get back to where she was before the tornado ripped through her life.

If your needs haven't been met through FEMA grants, SBA loans, insurance or personal resources, you are encouraged to call 347-1011.

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