Emergency Calling System

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One Wiregrass school district put in place a new emergency communications calling system.

Elba City School officials believe it's the quickest and most efficient way to get immediate messages to personnel and parents.

In the wake of a severe weather event, the Georgia-based calling system prides itself as a great way to give instantaneous contact with parents.

Elba City School officials have compiled lists of all students, all system employees, parents and individual classes. Crisis Communications of Macon, Georgia will instantly send a phone message from Elba School officials concerning an immediate announcement, which could be weather related, or even letting parents of a certain bus routes know that their child may be getting home late.

Elba Schools Superintendent Danny Weeks said, "This is assuring that we save time and when saving time in emergency situations can save lives."

At the end of next month, Elba High School Principal Johnny Dunn will retire after 38-years in the public school system. This new system replaces the traditional phone tree message service, which can take several hours to complete.

"It would take several hours to get in contact with parents, students,” Dunn says. “Now, we can make one phone call and it takes care of us."

With the Enterprise tornado in March, and the recent wave of killings in Virgina, they hope this communication system will save precious time.

The Elba City School District paid the $2 dollar per student cost for getting the names on the phone lists.

Several other area school districts are looking into the possibility of getting crisis communication systems as well.

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