Enterprise School Plan

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Enterprise continues to recover from the deadly March 1st tornado. School officials are working on plans for next school year.

Officials estimate that it will take between two and three years to re-build the two schools. Therefore, details are currently being worked out of where to teach the students while the permanent facilities are being built.

Enterprise school officials are currently discussing where Hillcrest Elementary and Enterprise High School students will attend school in the fall of 2007.

Right now, Hillcrest Elementary students are sharing classroom space with students from Holly Hill Elementary and high school students are attending class at a local community college. It’s a plan school officials hope to continue next year.

Enterprise Superintendent of Education, Jim Reese says, "We are talking with EOCC and we want to pay our fair share, but they have been gracious to us and we want to be fair to them."

There is a major concern about high school students continuing to attend school at Enterprise Ozark Community College.

Enterprise High School Principal Rick Rainer explains, "We know we are coming back here, but we don't know if there is a better schedule to get kids in earlier and out earlier."

Portable classrooms are already being installed on the EOCC campus to provide more classroom space for the more than 1300 students for next year. However, school officials say it is in the best interest of the Hillcrest Elementary school students to attend school at a new facility.

"The Hillcrest Elementary students will attend school at the Early Education Center," Reese said.

The Early Education Center was originally being built to accommodate local kindergarteners. The new plan allows 20 percent of those kindergarteners to attend the center in addition to all Hillcrest Elementary School students.

There have been a lot of questions about what will become of the current Enterprise High School.

Right now, school officials are planning to set up a memorial at the site in remembrance of the eight students’ who lost their lives in the tornado.

Debris at the football stadium is going to be cleared away so games can be held at Bates Memorial Stadium starting next year.

And, Hillcrest Elementary School will be rebuilt using some of the acreage that the high school is currently built on.

Bates Memorial Stadium is expected to be ready in time for next month's graduation for Enterprise High School seniors.

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