Florida Legislature Approves Back-to-School Sales Tax Break

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Back-to-school shopping will be a little bit cheaper.

Florida Legislature approved Wednesday a 10-day break in August from state and local sales tax. It is now with Governor Charlie Crist for approval.

Floridians have benefited from the exemption of certain items from the state's six percent sales tax and local option sales taxes for several years. The popular break is expected to cost the state nearly 40 million dollars in sales tax collections.

The bill (SB 1456) passed the House unanimously. It had earlier passed the Senate.

If Crist signs the bill, there would be no sales tax on books, clothes, shoes, wallets, and bags costing 50 bucks or less, and certain other school supplies costing ten dollars or less. The tax break is from August fourth through the 13th at most Florida stores under the bill.

Crist hasn't said yet whether he'll sign the bill.

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