Possible Enterprise School Sites

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Enterprise City School Superintendent, Dr. Jim Reese, is expected to announce the sites for the new Enterprise High School and Hillcrest Elementary.

Both schools were destroyed in the March 1st tornado.

School officials have kept their plans under wraps, but News 4 has learned what will happen.

First, it appears Hillcrest Elementary will be rebuilt at its general location on East Watts. School officials believe it's important to keep it in that neighborhood.

However, the high school will be at an entirely new site.

News 4 has learned through confidential sources that the new Enterprise High School will be built on approximately 100 acres of land off the southwest section of the Boll Weevil Circle.

Not far from the Highway 134 intersection last fall, Enterprise Preparatory Academy opened a campus near the site. Officials with the private school say it's a tremendous location and plans are to add additional buildings for more grades.

Judy Tucker, with the Enterprise Preparatory Academy said, "To house the K through third grade at the old location to here. Here we have the fourth through tenth. Plenty of room and space for expansion."

BY the start of the new school year in August, Enterprise city's new early education center for pre-K and kindergarten students is expected to open. Realtors say the southern section of the circle is growing.

Realtor Jackie Thompson said, "Do the right kind of growth; we want folks whether a school or some other business to have enough land. This is an area that is very attractive for growth."

Some believe in years to come this section of the circle will see the large amount of growth taking place.

"I can see a high school going up on the circle,” Arlene Rowe, another local realtor says. “They need to have a lot more land than what they had at the high school before."

It should be pointed out nothing is official yet on site locations.

The final decision will rest with the Enterprise City School Board Tuesday night.

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