Local Fire Department Needs New Burn Building

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One local fire department needs to replace part of its fire training facility, before its next accreditation period.

But no worry, fire officials say you are still safe and protected until then.

Right now, the Ozark Fire Department needs to re-build part of its training facility.

According to inspectors, the burn building is used-up and can't structurally withstand many more burns.

That will cost the department nearly $185,000 dollars.

"The burn building at our training facility is the structure we use to train live fire training. Just the burn portion of this building is what we are unable to use currently. Hopefully, within the next year or two we will be able to rebuild the standalone building," says Fire Chief Dempsey Barefield.

The current burn building was built in 1999 for about $160,000 dollars.

Since the department uses it at least twice a year to train its rookie firefighters, officials say it's more than paid for itself.

However, with those repetitive burns, the department is now forced to train elsewhere in the city.

"When we do live fire burning, currently with our rookie school, we use condemned property around the city. We do the live fire training by NFPA regulations and it works quite well really," says Barefield.

Officials say it's hard to determine at this point if the training facility will get another accreditation without replacing the burn building by 2009.

Ozark fire officials say your homeowners insurance will not rise because of the burn building needs.

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