Dothan Man says Utility Payment Unfair for Residents!

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An angry Dothan resident tells city commissioners they are legally robbing taxpayers by way of utility payments.

Dothan resident Malcolm Black had to be escorted out of the city commission meeting chambers on Tuesday. He believes his five minute time limit to complain wasn’t enough.

Minutes before the uproar, he called the city's implementation of utility payments unfair, especially to the poor.

He says payment lines are too long, the utility office closes too early and says the payment deadline is inconsistent, so people always pay late, which he says the city benefits from.

"I believe the real reason for this change in this billing schedule is to increase the revenue for the city," said Black

The city once had three billing cycles, but last October began billing daily.

Still, Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas says he stands behind the way the city does business.

"The fact of the matter is city rates are well below what the other two carriers have, our policies allow longer grace periods, more extensions,’ said Mayor Thomas.

As far as those long extended lines Black spoke of, the city says it is a problem and will try to get it fixed.

But as for the office staying open past 4PM, clerks take at least two hours after locking the doors to square everything away. So that time won't change.

There are other options for customers. There is an after-hours drop box, you can mail in your bill, or call your payment in over the phone.

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