Tempers Flare at Enterprise Council Meeting

Emotions boiled over during the Enterprise City Council meeting Wednesday.

A spokesman for the Baptist Hill Community believes the poorest tornado victims are being left out of the decision making process.

More than two-dozen Baptist Hill residents packed the meeting chambers.

City officials announced that nearly $680,000 dollars in charitable donations have been collected for storm victims.

Nearly 20-percent of the town's residents either lost their homes, or sustained property damage in the March 1st tornado.

The city attorney has formed a committee of a half-dozen residents who will decide how the donations will be distributed.

But, Vernetta Deramus, Baptist Hill spokesperson, says there's little minority representation on that committee.

Deramus said, "You need to speak and let the people know you can't make an informed decision unless you let the people hear from you."

"Pressure from the community and neighborhoods, the mayor and council need to be removed, remove the political process. That’s why I want to get you out of it," said Enterprise City Attorney Rainer Cotter.

Later this week, city officials are expected to explain how Enterprise storm victims can apply for money from the Tornado Charitable Aid Fund.

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