Enterprise Relief Money Controversy

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Enterprise leaders say they are working to make sure all neighborhoods receive their fair share of the funding.

There are many neighborhoods in need of assistance.

Every resident wants to feel confident their area of the city is being represented in the committee that will decide who will receive the most funding.

Baptist Hill is unquestionably one of the hardest hit areas by the March 1st tornado in Enterprise.

Residents are still working to clear away debris, and in the midst of this destruction comes a new problem. Residents in the Baptist Hill area feel they are not being treated fairly by the city.

President of the Baptist Hill Community, Henry Petty says, "It’s important to us to be represented because of [the] disaster in Baptist Hill and this is a predominately black area and there is no representation on the committee."

This committee made up of members of the Enterprise community will decide which residents will receive funding. The city feels confident that while no residents who live in the Baptist Hill area are on the committee, all neighborhoods throughout the city will receive adequate funding.

Mayor Kennith Boswell of the City of Enterprise says, "It is our goal as a city to get money to people to treat everyone equally and fairly."

Residents of the Baptist Hill community are hoping they will get adequate funding to rebuild their homes and community.

Petty says, "We are hoping the community can get together and build back up."

Enterprise officials agree that Baptist Hill should be represented equally and say they feel they have accomplished that.

There is no word yet on when funding will be given to residents who qualify, however a meeting is being held on Thursday in Enterprise to discuss the application process. We’ll bring you more details on what comes out of that meeting Thursday.

If you need assistance with storm recovery you can contact the Coffee County Relief Office at 347-1011.

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