Ozark Police Needs

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The city of Ozark has made more money than expected for this year's budget, but officials say they still don't have enough to meet needs.

Leaders in the Ozark City Police Department say it's hard to keep their highly qualified and trained officers.

That is thanks to the better pay and benefits at surrounding law enforcement agencies.

Right now, the department is down nine officers and leaders say it's costing the department.

"That creates the burden of overtime, paying overtime for officers to fill slots. Then, in turn, those officers get tired, they're understand a lot of stress during their shifts," says Ozark Police Chief, Tony Spivey.

But that's not the only problem facing the police department. Their training facility is also in desperate need of renovation.

The building was built in the 40s as an Army barrack. It was moved to its current location in the late 80s.

"Outside, such as the siding, needs to be replaced. Offices need renovating. Just basically a whole face-lift inside and out is basically what it needs, which of course, is very costly," says Spivey.

Even though the department is in need of renovations to its training facility and it's short nine officers.

Police Chief Spivey says their response time hasn't changed and all officers are highly trained.

Ozark city leaders and department heads will meet April 30th to discuss a way to provide more benefits to the city.

Officials will be prepared to show what a 1-cent tax will do for the city if the issue is brought up.

That meeting begins at 5PM in the Ozark City Council chambers.

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