Company Expansion Means More Jobs

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It is already the largest distribution center of its kind and now, Dothan-based Oncology Supply has built a new and improved facility. This means more jobs and a boost in the area's economy.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building of the Oncology Supply Company lasted only a few seconds, but officials with the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce say the business' effects will be felt for a lifetime.

Bob Theune, with the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce says, "It's a very important part in the Wiregrass as it relates to economic development."

On the brink of its 30th anniversary, the chemotherapy and medical products company is the largest distribution center of its kind in the nation

However, there is a price with the success, a price Founder Bill Stickler says he was willing to pay. "We had outgrown the old building. We had moved into the old building in 1999. We felt like we had finally moved into a building where we were able to handle the business. Fortunately or unfortunately we outgrew that pace so we needed to expand our facility."

That expansion results in a 140,000 square foot facility, as opposed to their old building, which harbors only 56,000 square feet.

The new square footage also means more jobs.

Currently, Oncology Supply employs about 250 people and looks to hire 50 more.

"It's not real difficult to go out and bring minimum wage positions that are very labor intense,” Theune says. “But Oncology Supply brings us a higher quality work force and pay scale."

Its parent company, Amerisource Bergen Corporation generates $60 billion dollars a year.

The new building will be used for pharmacy and distribution, while the old building for office space.

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