Fixing Problems at Dothan Regional Airport

A local U.S. Congressman is asking for your help figuring out how to improve commercial air service to and from Dothan Regional Airport.

The Dothan Regional Airport is the primary source of air travel for many southeast Alabama residents, but getting a flight in or out of Dothan can often be a nightmare.

Angela McNeal says, "We have experienced a lot of cancellations and flight delays here at our airport.”

Ticket prices are another problem.

Delta Airlines which contracts with Atlantic Southeast Airlines to service Dothan is in charge of pricing flights and even though some air travelers are not happy with the cost of flying.

Airport officials in Dothan say there is little they can do.

"The airport is like a landlord and the airlines are like our tenants. So we don't have anything really to do with the ticket prices or the scheduling. When ever there is a problem we just try to take it to them and try to work on trying to find a way to solve it," said Art Morris.

In order to address these problems, Congressman Terry Everett, is asking the public to share their comments and concerns so that he can in turn use them as part of his testimony in a House Congressional Subcommittee on Commercial Air Travel scheduled fort April 25th.

In the meantime, airport officials in Dothan want people to know one thing.

"We are aware of the problems that are going on and we have had these problems before, and we've worked with the airlines to find a solution, and I'm sure that we will be able to resolve these issues," said McNeal.

You can send your concerns to Congressman Everett at 256 Honeysuckle Roads, Suite 15 or at his Montgomery address 3500 Eastern Boulevard, Suite 250.

The House Congressional Subcommittee meeting will take place next Wednesday.

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