Jailer Arrested for Inmate Sex

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An investigation is underway after a Houston County correction officer is accused of fondling an inmate and purchasing contraband for several others.

According to the sheriff's department, Leigh Ann Cochran hadn't worked as a corrections officer for long, but was already making her mark.

August of last year, 33-year-old Slocomb resident Leigh Ann Cochran signed on as a Houston County corrections officer.

Sometime between January and April, authorities say Cochran began doing favors for inmates.

Favors that included buying cigars and cigarettes, which eventually turned into a tryst with one of the inmates.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said, "We heard of allegations Friday around noon and preceded to investigate these allegations. We called in Mrs. Cochran who came in and confessed to the crimes"

Authorities say even though Cochran didn't have 'sex' with the inmate, she still had 'sexual contact’ and that's against state law.

Sheriff Hughes said, "I think this is a good law. We're making all of our personnel aware of the law and this even applies to someone who may be on supervised release, or pre-trial diversion. They don't actually have to be incarcerated for this law to apply."

If convicted, Cochran can face up to 10 years in prison and more than $30,000 dollars in fines.

She's been charged with custodial sexual misconduct; a felony, along with two counts of promoting prison contraband in the third degree.

Cochran has been terminated from her position as corrections officer and has already made bond.

Sheriff Hughes also says no charges have been brought against the inmate, but some of his privileges may be taken away.

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