Tax Postmark Deadline

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You only have one day left to get your tax returns postmarked. This year, most area post offices are not staying open until midnight.

The biggest change this year is the lack of extended hours.

Dothan’s acting postmaster told News 4, this is the first time in his 23-year career that Dothan’s post offices will close on time for tax day.

Almost all taxpayers are completely aware that April 17th is this year's postmark deadline, but having the two extra days does not seem to have helped most.

Dothan Taxpayer LaFrances Craig says, "Normally, I don't get caught up in the last minute tax day thing. But I did this year. And so I'm here trying to get my taxes postmarked today!"

LaFrances is one of many who are pushing the deadline.

However, postal workers are expecting more of the same Tuesday, with long lines throughout the day.

Dothan Post Offices Acting Postmaster Bill Elliot says, "If the truck did leave, we would postmark it here. But that's not going to be a problem. We've got everything in place; we've put extra people on the window. And you can see the lobby is full; we've put everything in place to accommodate everybody up to 4:30."

However, instead of the midnight closing hour on tax day, most area post offices, including Dothan’s will close on time.

"We're just like any other business,” Elliot says. “There are budget restraints and we don't have it this year in the budget to do so.”

Still, anyone who is in the building by 4:30 will be served, and their taxes will be postmarked for that day.

One of the ways you can help speed up the process is to fill out the certify and receipt forms before you get in line at the post office.

Then, all you have to do is give them to the clerk and pay for postage.

Tuesday is also the deadline to request an extension. The IRS will then give you until mid-October to file.

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