Cottondale Shooting Victim in Critical Condition

Police say it appears a love triangle was behind a weekend shooting in the Florida Panhandle.

A man and his estranged wife remain in a Dothan hospital after the Saturday night shooting.

Investigators tell News 4 that Paul Barber, Jr. had been visiting 45-year-old Felisia Shiver at her home in Cottondale.

That's when her estranged husband, jack shiver, reportedly kicked in the door.

Shiver reportedly shot his wife in the head with a handgun, and then Barber shot jack shiver with a shotgun.

One neighbor said the incident was a shock in the rural community.

"Nothing like this in our area…several months ago the sheriff's shooting incident was nearby. When I was told over the weekend about the shooting, I couldn't believe it happened," said Asa Ralls.

Jack Shiver is expected to survive and will face several charges stemming from the incident.

His wife is listed in critical condition.

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