Rash of Robberies in Dothan

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There were a rash of armed robberies over the weekend in the Wiregrass, one in Kinsey, and four in Dothan.

In one of the cases the suspects are behind bars.

In several of the robberies, the armed suspects are still on the loose and police investigators say some of the robberies could be related.

Things may be back to business as usual, but that wasn't the case this weekend.

The mart in Kinsey was robbed Sunday night.

Police say two black males armed with a shotgun and handgun came in the store, and demanded money from the clerk.

And, just as the suspects were about to leave, they saw the surveillance cameras, and snatched the whole VCR machine out of the wall in the back office.

Investigators believe this incident could be tied to robberies in Dothan.

Houston County Sheriff's Investigator William Rafferty said, "This investigation is an investigation to be conducted not only by the Houston County Sheriff's Office, but the Headland Police and Dothan Police. There have been several robberies over the last several weeks and there are some similarities involved in these robberies."

On Sunday, a little after midnight, the Shell Food Mart on Reeves Street in Dothan was also robbed at gunpoint.

Surveillance video shows the two suspects pointing a gun right in the clerk's face.

One suspect was wearing a white hat and gray shirt. The other was wearing a black skull cap, shirt, and pants. They were last seen running from the store.

Then, on Sunday evening, four suspects robbed the Subway on Westgate Parkway, and at least one of them was armed with a gun.

They got away with cash, and the female employee's cell phone.

Even though the suspects in that case were caught shortly after, many of the employees are still on edge.

Subway Employee Susan Coffell says, "It happened a half and hour after I left. It never dawned on me, being here by myself until 10 o'clock last night, since there are other businesses in the area. It happened in broad daylight. It's kinda’ scary."

All five suspects have been caught in the Subway robbery and all have been charged with robbery, first degree.

They are in the Houston County Jail, but bond has not been set yet.

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