Local City Looks to Raise Sales Tax

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Another city could soon follow Dothan’s nine-cent sales tax lead.

One Barbour County community is looking to raise its sales tax by one cent.

Soon, shopping in this city may be a little more expensive.

City leaders recently split a vote of three-three to raise the city's sales tax by one cent.

Now, those leaders may reconsider, this time raising the sales tax for only one year.

"You've got to maintain the services that you're doing because if you start cutting back, then people are going to start complaining," says Clayton Mayor, Shug Rowland, Jr.

Talk about adding up, even though Clayton has less than 1500 people living in the city, officials say an extra penny on every dollar would generate $99,000 dollars within a year.

"With this kind of revenue, we can begin to pay off debit, begin to build a cash reserve that maybe one day could pay our police department. These guys in these small towns have to be a dedicated individual in law enforcement to risk their life to protect and serve this town," says Rowland.

Many of the town's residents say they are in support of the higher tax, even though they may not enjoy spending more money.

"It'll help things that we need around here. It'll help the city of Clayton a lot," says Clayton Business Clerk Larry Jackson.

"I'd vote for it because the town needs the money, things they're trying to do. Like all small governments, they've got to get it from somewhere," says Clayton shopper Keith Guthrie.

Right now, the city is looking to make about $295,000 dollars this fiscal year. That’s without the additional one-cent tax.

City leaders say that's not enough money without going further into debt.

The city council is expected to discuss and vote on the one-cent sales tax increase at Monday night’s council meeting.

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