7 Miller County Roads Getting Safety Upgrades

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Colquitt – The Georgia Department of Transportation recently approved a contract that is expected to make seven Miller County roads safer through the installation of striping and signs.

The $127,291.50 project is funded through a GDOT program to improve safety on roads that are not in the state or federal highway systems. The goal is to help prevent fatalities on rural, high-speed roads. The project includes, but is not limited to, yellow and white striping, raised pavement markers, stop bars and highly reflective signs.

The improvements wouldn’t be possible without GDOT’s help, said Allen Worsley, vice chairman of the Miller County Board of Commissioners.

“We couldn’t afford it,” he said.

Worn striping on some of the Miller County roads makes it difficult to see at night, Worsley said. Drivers usually move to the far right of their respective lanes just to be safe when meeting oncoming traffic, he said.

Roads and the various distances targeted in the project are:
Bush Dairy Road – 2.17 miles
Grimsley Road – 3.20 miles
Helms Road – 3.20 miles
Lane Road – 1.06 miles
Three Notch Road – 11.10 miles
Whites Bridge Road from state Route 45 to U.S. 27/state Route 1 – 7 miles
Whites Bridge Road from U.S. 27/state Route 1 to Avenue Road – 2.54 miles
Griggs Lucille Road – 10.78 miles

Rural counties have more state and county two-way roads, which have historically been the highest risk roads in Georgia, GDOT said. The striping can be worn and difficult to see, increasing the risk for a crash when visibility may be an issue. The improvements to the Miller County roads are expected to help eliminate or reduce the severity of hazardous locations’ accidents and address various local road crashes. A study of similar work done in Athens/Clarke County showed an overall reduction in crashes of 43%.

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