Missing Taylor Woman Found Alive

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Shelby Pettis went four days without food or water, and she literally crawled on her knees after her truck became lodged in a tree.

Friends and family are rejoicing because Shelby Pettis is alive.

Wednesday, when News 4 interviewed Shelby Pettis' family at her home in Taylor, it was a somber mood.

It had been three days, since she'd gone to her getaway home on the outskirts of Henry County and not returned.

Family members said they were confused. They didn't know if she'd been hurt or lost because she suffers from dementia.

However, a chance encounter by a turkey hunter led him to Pettis on a logging road in Henry County, 20 miles away from her getaway.

Now, that confusion has turned into joy.

"God is good, what can I say? And he certainly had his hand on mother! She got confused and thought my sister-in-law was in a wreck or something," family members said Thursday.

Sunday night, Pettis began driving and had gotten lost. She kept driving, until her 2005 GMC Yukon got lodged in some trees.

From there she walked a mile and a half up a dirt road and began to crawl on her knees when she couldn't go anymore.

Around 10AM Thursday morning, family's prayers for her to be found alive were answered.

"We questioned her to see if any foul play was involved, she said she didn't know how she got there, why she got there, or where she was," said Sheriff Willy Maddox of Henry County.

The family of Pettis wants to thank Henry County authorities, Houston County authorities, and the community because if it weren't for them, she probably wouldn't be a live today.

Pettis is still in Flowers Hospital and her family members say aside from dehydration and a few bruises, she's fine.

There was an OnStar navigation system in the car, but it was not activated.

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