Trailer Consumed by Flames

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Fire rescue officials continue to investigate and afternoon fire in Dothan, which left one family homeless.

The trailer is now considered a total loss. Earlier Wednesday afternoon, a fire gutted the home open, consuming everything inside and out.

Charred furniture and a smoldering foundation are all that remain of a mobile home off North Park Avenue, near Montgomery Highway.

The owner of the home visibly distraught did not want to comment on camera.

The fire that ripped through his home sent nearby residents into a frenzy.

"My brother came running knocking on the door saying that everyone needed to get out because a trailer had blown up," April Dixon said.

Chief Larry Williams of the Dothan Fire Department said, "Upon our arrival we did find heavy fire and smoke. A company arrived and went into the initial attack mode of trying to protect the mobile home."

However, it was too late, the home was destroyed, and that wasn't the only thing damaged. The intensity of the heat broke the windows on the neighboring trailer, and melted the blinds.

Chief Williams said, "Mobile homes have a lot of intense heat when they are on fire. That creates radiant heat that can make the exposure to buildings and stuff around high, and make them catch on fire."

When news of the fire reached one neighbor, he thought it was his trailer that was engulfed.

"I was on lunch around the corner,” said Marc Wilks. “I was eating lunch and I just rushed over here. I saw the smoke from over on Oak Street and I saw the fire trucks rushing over here."

Fortunately for Mr. Wilks, his trailer was unscathed.

Fire officials say one person was sent to a nearby hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, but that no one was seriously injured.

Now the people that once lived inside the ravaged home must look for a new place to live, where they can begin to get back on their feet.

Officials with the American Red Cross are stepping in to help this homeless family. They’ve provided family members with a hotel voucher for three nights.

They’ve also provided food for a week and clothes and they have set up a box at the Red Cross office on Montezuma Avenue, where people can donate food to help out all fire victims.

Investigators are launching and investigation to try and determine why and how the fire started.

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