Pike Co. Police Seek Information in Area Burglaries

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The person or persons behind two Pike County burglaries is still on the loose. Pike County sheriff's deputies need your help catching anyone responsible.

Over $15,000 dollars worth of jewelry and several guns have been stolen from two Pike County homes.

Last week, the Pike County Sheriff's Office responded to two break-ins outside Troy city limits where deputies found someone had kicked down one of the home's doors to get inside.

“They very well may be connected. The first burglary was in the Mount Mariah community, which is north of Troy. They kicked the door open to the home, went in and took over $11,000 in jewelry. The second burglary occurred outside the Henderson community. In that one, they kicked open the rear door to gain entry to the home and jewelry was also taken" says Sheriff Russell Thomas with the Pike County Sheriff's Office.

Leaders at the Pike County Sheriff's Office say these cases are not only linked to each other, but say they could also be linked to drugs.

"I don't know if they have a particular motive other than to commit burglary to obtain merchandise. Probably more than likely to support a drug habit," says Sheriff Thomas.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office is still looking for anyone responsible for the burglaries.

They are now reaching to the public to help provide answers.

The first burglary was on April 3rd in the Mount Moriah community where more than $11,000 dollars worth of jewelry and an SKS and Browning automatic rifle were taken.

The second occurred two days later in the Henderson community, where $4300 dollars worth of jewelry was stolen.

If you have information, call the Pike County Sheriff's Office at 566-4347. You may be eligible for a cash reward.