Dale County School Bus Confrontation

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A Dale County school bus driver allegedly mishandled a third grade student on his route, prompting a second adult to enter the bus and hit the driver.

Since this happened, the student has been suspended from riding the bus, the driver could face charges and authorities still haven't been able to identify the third person involved.

Nine-year-old Delmarian Crossley has not taken the bus home from school since Thursday. According to authorities, the trouble started when he was playing around underneath his seat. The driver then stopped the bus and tried to return him to his place.

Investigator James Isler with the Midland City Police Department explains, "From what I understand, there was some kind of dispute there and that's when the bus driver slapped the child and then proceeded on to the bus stop."

However, the confrontation did not end there. Authorities and Delmarian's mother believe a man at his stop then entered the bus once the child got off and spoke of the incident.

"There was a dispute there and that's when the male struck the driver," Investigator Isler stated.

At this time, no one can identify who the man was or why he stepped in. And, Dale County school officials say this type of behavior is unacceptable.

Dale County Schools Superintendent Phillip Parker says, "We're not going to sit back and allow this to go on in our school system. We want our school system to be safe and we'll take whatever measures need to be taken to do that."

But Delmarian's mother, Felicia McCray, says so far, the incident has not been handled well. She claims she's never before been notified about her son's behavior and had to call the school to find out more about this incident. "I would like to say to all parents, watch what your kids say,” she says. “Because if you just go by what you hear and don't get into it, you're missing a whole lot."

Ms. McCray is now planning to press charges against the driver.

Her son is facing a four-day suspension from riding the bus, and authorities are still on the look-out for the second adult involved.

Anyone with information on the second adult's identity can call the Midland City Police Department at 983-3591.

Investigators simply want to question him to find out more details about the case.

The school bus driver is 74-year-old Leonard Johnson. He could face a misdemeanor charge of harassment.

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