2007 Wiregrass Festival of Murals

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It's time for residents and visitors alike to walk the streets of Downtown Dothan for the Wiregrass Festival of Murals.

In a press conference held Tuesday morning organizers for the 2nd Annual Wiregrass Festival of Murals laid out the plans for this year’s festivities.

The week long event features vendors with an eye for art, 17 types of food, and just about any kind of music you can think of.

However, many of this event’s attendees you may not recognize because it attracts folks from across the tri-state area.

City Manager Mike West said, "We are hoping, what it'll do is create interest in businesses and other activity through the downtown area, which will promote redevelopment."

Organizers say you have all the ingredients to make a ‘cool’ festival. The music, the food, and the fun, but they don't have enough artists.

Art Show Organizer Katie McManus-Faye said, "We encourage anyone that has work they'd like to exhibit and sale to come out and join us."

The family-friendly event will not serve any alcoholic beverages, but authorities say they've learned from the last year, they don't need it.

"What we've learned is long-range planning; strengthen the partners that we have because without all of us partnering there's no way to do a festival of this magnitude," said Cathy Cole of Dothan Downtown Group.

The festival will be held May 1st through May 5th. For more information go to www.dothan.org.

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