Founder of `Girls Gone Wild' Video Empire in Federal Custody

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - The founder of the "Girls Gone Wild" video empire is in federal custody in Bay County.

A sheriff's office spokeswoman says Joe Francis was taken into custody by federal marshals earlier Tuesday and booked into the county jail. He faces a contempt of court citation after initially defying a federal judge.

He was ordered held without bond at a preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon. A spokesman for Francis says he will likely be held until at least Thursday when he is scheduled to appear before a federal judge.

Francis makes almost 30 million dollars a year from videos of young women baring their breasts and in other sexually provocative situations.

He drew the contempt citation during negotiations in a civil lawsuit brought by seven women. They were underage when they were filmed by his company on Panama City Beach during spring break in 2003.

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