Personnel Board Grievance Hearing

A police lieutenant who claims he's been treated unfairly has been the focus of a grievance hearing before the Dothan Personnel Board Monday afternoon.

Lieutenant Duane Herring was one of the people behind a police union letter last year critical of Police Chief John Powell.

The letter asked the attorney general's office to investigate Powell for wrong-doing. But the attorney general ruled there was no basis for such an investigation.

Herring later filed a grievance with the personnel board, claiming he received an unfair evaluation because of his actions.

Herring's lawyer, former Police Chief John White, says his client was transferred from a squad commander's position on the day shift to a crime analyst position at the city jail on the night shift.

He also claims his office was moved into what he calls a "utility room."

Personnel board members have already reviewed Herring’s evaluation scores, which at one time ranged in the 90's, but the last one came in at 64.

The hearing began at 1:30 Monday afternoon and they're still hearing testimony.

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