Ozark All-Star Soccer Gas Raffle

An Ozark man is giving away 2500 gallons of gasoline in an effort to raise 24,000 dollars for a number of organizations and causes.

Terry Kurasz is selling raffle tickets for a chance to win at least 100 gallons of gasoline.

The tickets are sold under the non-profit Ozark All-star Soccer Team with proceeds going to not only the team, but also many other Wiregrass organizations.

His goal is to raise 24,000 dollars.

Seven thousand would go toward prizes for the raffle.

The other 17,000 will be donated to eight local groups including Mixon Elementary, Wings Soccer Club and Enterprise and Echo tornado relief.

“It's just in my nature, the way I was brought up. My dad helped people out and i just carry that from there. So I just help people out. All I need is a little help selling ticket,” said Kurasz

For more information, contact Terry Kurasz at 618-8156.

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