Property Tax to Increase in Wiregrass County

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Owning a home in Dale County may soon be a little more expensive. Property tax reappraisals are due this year after a four-year break.

Officials are expected the property value in Dale County to have risen since 2003.

"Land value, from what I understand talking with the appraiser, is going to see some big increases in that. That's probably brought from people in Florida selling out and moving up here and they're paying big prices for property," says Tommy Lavender, Dale County Revenue Commissioner.

So how much will the increase be? That depends on where you live.

Officials expect those living on the edge of Dale County, within Dothan or Enterprise city limits, to have a larger increase in property value, which would raise the tax.

But as a general rule of thumb, officials say you should expect to see an increase of about 20-percent, even though that figure may fluctuate.

However, even though the reappraisal may mean more money in taxes, there is a plus side. It could mean your property is worth more if you decide to sell.

"The value is going up, so you'd certainly get more for it," says Lavender.

According to the National Tax Foundation's most recent statistics, Alabama ranks the lowest in property tax collections per capita in the United States.

After this year's reappraisals, the county is set to move to a yearly reappraisal schedule, which could reduce any significant increases in taxes.

If you are over 65, disabled, or have more than five acres of land, you may qualify for property tax exemptions.

You can check with the Dale County Revenue Department to find out.

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