Easter Holiday Travel

It is Easter weekend and Dothan Police say they are on the look-out to handle any heavy traffic flow.

A Dothan Police officer directs traffic at the intersections of Montgomery Highway and Ross Clark Circle because of a downed power line on the highway.

Even though traffic won't get this heavy for the Easter weekend, it's going to be pretty bad.

Dothan Police Dept. Sgt. Tim Ward says, "Traffic is going to be heavy this weekend, but it only won't be because it's Easter weekend, it's going to be because of Spring Break. A lot of families from the tri-state area are traveling down to the beach and traffic will only increase because of the Easter Holiday."

Like many other busy holiday traffic times Montgomery Highway is still the most popular

Dothan police say they're going to be on the lookout because they don't know when, where, or if an accident will occur

"We’re going to be on the look-out, especially for speeders during this holiday season."

Authorities also want people to be careful and slow down...because you don't know if the next accident could involve you.

Many officers who'd normally be off...are on-duty to help keep an eye on traffic.