Barbour County Drug Busts

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The Barbour County Sheriff's Office has been busy, to say the least.

Barbour County authorities have made nearly 100 drug-related arrests since mid-January and are now hoping to cut the crime rate by 75-percent.

Since mid-January, the sheriff's office has taken $750 to $1 million dollars worth of drugs off the streets.

Deputies expect more to come.

Since January 16th, the Barbour County Sheriff's Office has made 91-drug related arrests, recovered over $150,000 dollars cash and deputies say they have taken between $750,000 to $1 million dollars worth of drugs off the street.

"We have some dedicated people and we've put in over 400 hours training this year. That's unheard of for a small group of officers. But we plan to have the best trained and most efficient sheriff's office in the state of Alabama within the next six months," says Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram.

Thirty-six of the 91 drug related arrests have come from Highway 431; the place where investigators say a lot of drug trafficking come from.

A week ago, deputies seized over $100,000 dollars located in the insulation portion of a cooler.

"Part of what I've been teaching officers for years is how to recognize and understand these criminals on these highways and take the loads off the streets before they ever get to the community where they get distributed and they get in houses. It's much easier to catch on the highways," says Ingram.

Now, deputies say they are shifting their operations to more undercover work, hoping to make large busts.

But whatever approach taken, the 11 law enforcement deputies say it takes dedication and a strong work ethic, which is coming from people that work a 12-hour minimum shift, six days a week.

Sheriff deputies say they are planning to use the drug money to buy some vehicles and equipment for the department.

Seven vehicles have been recovered from drug busts.

Officials say they will use some of them for undercover operations and sell the rest with profits going back to the department.