Ewell Neighborhood Squabble

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Wednesday, News 4 told you about Dale County resident, Tony Grantham, who is accused of shooting his neighbor's pets for no reason.

Now, neighbors say he's abusing his own animals and contaminating the neighborhood.

Neighbors reported to the Dale County Health Department Tony Grantham has waste all over his yard and chickens on the loose.

Neighbors are calling it a health hazard, but officials say it could be just a neighborhood squabble.

Right now, Tony Grantham is charged with animal cruelty for killing to of his neighbors’ dogs.

However, neighbors say his cruelty also extends to his own animals.

"The chickens come in our yard all the time, and we had both of our dogs killed. We had to keep the dog chained because he would get mad because the dog would eat the chickens. The chickens come over our fence and into our year. We couldn't keep them from eating the chickens and every animal around here that's died has been because he's said that the animals are getting into the chickens, but the dogs go everywhere," says Dessie Evans.

Grantham is accused by neighbors of polluting the neighborhood.

The Dale County Health Department investigated Grantham's property to see if there are any harmful areas.

Escorted by Grantham's father, Olen Grantham, the environmentalists walked through what may seem like nasty conditions including, chickens on the loose, sharing space with scattered beer cans, broken down cars and household trash.

However, even though eggs are laid throughout the backyard like its Easter Sunday, according to the health department, there are no significant hazards on his property.

"We found appliances [and] a couple of abandoned vehicles. We did see a number of chickens that did appear to be healthy. We did see some containers holding water. There were several things that could use some cleaning up," says Kristina Fox with the Dale County Health Department.

The health department is issuing Grantham a letter telling him to cleanup his property and be sure all animals are given clean water.

Grantham's father declined to give an interview, but did say he was going to encourage his son to cleanup.

The Dale County Health Department will conduct a follow-up survey of Grantham's property in about a month.

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