Fowler Park Update

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Plans to build a 7000-acre animal safari theme park in northwest Florida appears to have fallen through.

A spokesman for the developing company says the Jim Fowler Wildlife Park may have to be built somewhere else.

Local officials and business folks in Bonifay say it's not the end of the world with a new hospital and an international airport to be built north of Panama City Beach.

Land is a valuable commodity along I-10 and highway 79.

Barbara Farris of Blue Dolphin Development, states in a prepared release that negotiations broke down with investors.

The 7000-acre refuge was to be located in the southeast corner of I-10 and Highway 79 in Bonifay.

Local officials say it's disappointing, but the site is very attractive to business interests.

Jake Jacobs with the Holmes Co. Industrial Co. said they have to, “Notify all counties of businesses looking at Florida to possibly relocate and here we've had several applications from mostly other countries."

If the Fowler Park ever becomes reality, it's unclear at this time where it might be located.

Similar wildlife theme parks can mainly be found in central and south Florida.

They include exotic animals like tigers and elephants.