Holmes County Meth Bust

The Holmes County Sheriff's Department was involved in two separate crystal-methamphetamine busts this week.

Drug investigators raided the Westville home of Lonnie and Faye Forehand Wednesday.

The couple is charged with trafficking in meth, manufacture of drug chemicals and possession of illegal chemicals.

Earlier in the day, Lonnie Forehand appeared in court on similar charges, stemming from a raid last month.

In a separate case, Steven Jones of Holmes County was arrested during a routine traffic stop.

Authorities say Jones had meth oil in his car.

It's the third time since February that he's been arrested on drug charges.

Holmes Co. Sheriff's Dept. Investigator Eddie Eaton said, "For a few months we saw a decrease in lab activity, but over the last two months there's been a large increase. We’ve had seven in just the last two months."

Authorities say large quantities of Mexican meth are also making its way to the Panhandle and Wiregrass from the Atlanta area.

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