New Dothan Utility Billing System

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If you are a Dothan resident you may have noticed the due dates on your utility bill have fluctuated since October. A new system has been implemented to help shorten utility payment lines and make the system more efficient.

"Electric bills changed from October to March 5th and I'm just curious why," said Mike Homola.

The new utility payment program is designed to even out the number of customers billed each day so the lines won't back up on payment day like in the past.

But for senior citizens on a fixed income, not being able to plan when their utility bill is due is a problem.

"Senior citizens on a fixed income who are over the age of 60 can apply to have their bills exempt from penalties so they can pay when their checks come in," said Lisa Reeder of City of Dothan Utilities.

In addition to applying for late fee waivers, the city of Dothan has also recently passed new codes allowing seniors to receive a $2 dollar reduction in their monthly water bill.

Both code adjustments were created to help seniors struggling with the new billing system.

"The city of Dothan is working to make our customer service friendlier. There were long lines put on hold but we want to eliminate that," said Cynthia Green of City of Dothan.

To help meet their goals of a customer friendly facility, the city of Dothan has opened up a new call center to handle utility customer questions and concerns.

For information on applying for a senior citizen water bill discount and to have your utility bill late fees waived you can contact Dothan Utilities at 615-4100.

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