Dothan Employees Retirement

Dothan city employees are a little closer to being able to join the state's retirement system.

Senator Harri Anne Smith has signed legislation out of committee that would make the change possible.

Dothan city commissioners have asked the senator to move the measure forward even though the city may have to pay more than anticipated.

They’re waiting to find out exactly how much they'd have to come up with for a required two-percent cost of living increase.

The mayor says some estimates place the figure at between $150,000 and $200,000.

Even though questions remain, city leaders wanted to make sure the legislation is introduced as soon as possible since there's only about two weeks left in this year's legislative session.

Senator Smith says the bill will go before the senate for its second reading in the next day or so.

Commissioners will still have a final say on whether or not to join the pension plan if the legislation makes it's way out of the senate and past the governor's desk.