Holland Facing More Charges

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More victims have come forward in the case of Earl Holland, a local preacher accused of sexual abuse against two eight year old girls.

Five more cases have been brought against 53 year old Earl Holland.

Earlier this week, a bond hearing was held for the first three warrants brought against Holland.

At that hearing, the bond was set at 250 thousand dollars and had specific stipulations.

The first, Holland was not allowed to continue living at his current residence.

Second, he's not allowed to have access to a computer.

Now, the Dothan Police Department has re-arrested Holland on five additional counts of sexual abuse first degree.

Each individual case carries a maximum sentence of up to ten years.

So, that's a total of possibly up to 50 years in prison.

Prosecuting attorney, Doug Valeska, is working with police to protect children in the area.

Prosecuting Attorney Doug Valeska said, "Just like the Dothan Police Department has asked, if there's any more information in this case, please come forward. Call Dothan Police, cooperate with us in this case so we can help protect the community."

Now, each of the five cases involves female victims under the age of twelve.

And, one of these cases allegedly happened in another Wiregrass county.

Friday afternoon, a second bond hearing was held before Judge Brad Meindheim for the new charges brought against Earl Holland.

He's being held in the Houston County Jail, with bonds now totaling one and a quarter million dollars.