The Perfect Garden

A deadly fungus could kill your plants and flowers before they have a chance to reach their full potential.

Being outdoors this time of year may be a headache for those who suffer from allergies, but to others it’s a time to pull out all the stops to make sure their yard looks its best.

And as nursery manager of Buds And Blossoms Amy Wideman says customers aren't discriminating on what kind of look they want their garden to have.

"People are buying all sorts of stuff. It's not just one particular thing, just anything we've got that blooms, people are loving."

But those flowers won't bloom if this summer is anything like last summer a lot of plants withered last season because of dry weather which resulted in fungus issues.

Experts say if you want the perfect garden, you have to use a couple of common sense techniques. Water your garden on a constant basis, and get a fertilizing schedule.

And as for weeds, try and stop them before they grow out of control

Garden experts also say when it's a little cooler than normal, make sure not to over water your plants because they'll end up rotting.