Early House Fire Might Be Arson

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Dothan fire officials are investigating after a house burns down in Dothan. Officials say it might be arson.

An overnight fire gutted this house on 814 Baysore Avenue in Dothan around 12:20 early Friday morning.

Fire officials responded after receiving two emergency calls, one was from a neighbor reporting a domestic dispute, the other from the homeowner saying her house was on fire.

Dothan Fire Dept. Capt. Chris Etheredge said officers found fully engulfed inside damaged.

Standing outside her burned down home, Barbara Berry thinks of the pictures she lost in the fire.

She looks at her grandson's melted car he used to play on when he was visiting.

Neighbor Willie Martin was asleep when the fire started, and he came out of his house.

Friday, he checked on his plants that were partially burned from his neighbor's house fire.

Martin said, “It surprised me how quickly it spread, but it didn't take the fire department long to put the fire out, and I commend them.”

Firefighters continue to work even after the fire's out to determine the cause while Barbara mourns the loss of her private belongings.

Barbara and her boyfriend were the only ones at home at the time of the fire. No one was injured in the blaze.

The Wiregrass chapter of the American Red Cross is helping with clothes and shelter while Barbara gets back on her feet.

If you'd like to donate money to the Red Cross, call 792-9852.

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